It has been said before: dachshunds are stubborn animals. That is why it is especially important for this breed that you remain consistent in education. Your dachshund is smart and social enough to constantly manipulate you if you give him the chance, especially if you yield to his typical penetrating glances. An important part of the trick is to reward your puppy for good behavior: that works much better than punishing bad behavior. In addition, it is good that dachshunds like to make their owners happy: a friendly word can already be enough, so that you do not always have to hand out cookies in connection with being overweight. A tip: imagine your dachshund gets 300 grams of dog food every day. Instead of giving him sweets in addition, you can keep 20 grams apart from the 300 grams mentioned earlier. You give something of this every time you reward your dachshund. (This only works if your dachshund is crazy about food. It sounds strange, but not all dogs love food.)

Get used to it
The watchful nature of your dachshund can become a problem if you don’t keep it under control. Teach your puppy to bark whenever a stranger comes along. Let your puppy get used to other dogs, cats, important people in the area and especially to children. They also call this socializing. Conversely, your children must learn to deal with your dachshund. It is a nice and sweet playmate, but children should not handle it too wildly to prevent injuries.

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