Dear Sausagedoglover,

My name is Joshua van den Hemel and my love for sausage dogs started at the early age of 4, when I met my first best friend Satch. Growing up together was the best part of my childhood and brought me happiness and joy. He was the reason why I became and am a huge fan of Dachshunds.
I have been a Sausagedoglover for over 20 years now and have the pleasure of being friends with my other two wonderful Dachshunds, Red & Blue till this day.

I have had many sausage dog gifts in my life, some were really great and others were less. But, I often felt like some of these gifts were lacking the sparkling and colourful personalities of this lovely short-legged dog race. I decided that it was time for someone to step up and create a website for Sausagedoglovers with unique items that truly resembles our precious and beloved friends that are part of our family. This page is in dedication to my first best friend and to spread the love and happiness of this lovely short-legged dog race.

With love,
Joshua van den Hemel


Satch, Red, and Blue
The Netherlands