So, you are looking for your own, with very long back and short legs, dachshund? Woohoo – that’s super cool! We are a very nice breed (if I may say that about myself) but as with all breeds we also have our “details”. That is why you will find here the 8 most important points that I think you should know before you take a dachshund;

  1. We are hunting dogs
    We may not be the largest dogs but a dachshund was originally bred for hunting. Our long bodies are perfect for crawling into badger and rabbits. This means that we are very good at sniffing just about anything. Personally, I think it is fantastic if my owners hide something tasty in the house or garden and then I can track them down (my tail cannot stop wagging) and when they hide my ball I really know where to find it with just my nose.
    Tip for all owners: Hide everything that is valuable and the food in a high place that I can’t reach! This also applies to your dirty socks!
  2. We are stubborn!
    Jup, it’s crazy but unfortunately true. If I want something, I do what I have to do to get it. This includes sitting at the counter and squeaking until I get a piece of chicken (or other food, no problem!). You will need a lot of patience if you go for a dachshund because if you admit to this, we will always get what we want.
  3. We are sometimes noisy
    Okay, we’re sorry (not really). Dachshunds are known for enjoying their own voice. We are already being triggered to bark at the smallest sound but with a lot of training (did I mention that we are stubborn) you can reduce the barking somewhat. Example, I start barking when I hear my owner arrive on the bike, see other dogs, I feel like playing but my owner is sitting on the couch or when I see my favorite people.
  4. We often have back problems
    It is not always nice to be tall and small. Dachshunds are known for having serious back problems and IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). The operation to remedy this is not only very expensive but also not always successful. The best way to prevent back problems from us is to jump as little as possible (couch on / couch), walk / play a lot so that we stay fit and healthy food for a strong body. Insurance for the veterinary costs is advisable if you take a dachshund.
  5. We can be anxious
    I have to admit something, sometimes I am quite a stress chicken. I hate when my owners leave, sometimes a car ride can be stressful, I don’t like very loud noises and big dogs can be scared. My owners have tried a lot to reduce my fears with training and research, but nothing really works. Not all dachshunds suffer from this, but keep in mind that dachshunds can be anxious.
  6. We are very loyal
    Yes, we are your best friend. Dachshunds are really very loyal dogs and love people. This can sometimes cause us to suffer from abandonment anxiety or that we are a little fiercer towards others to protect our boss. But we do this because we love our owner!
  7. We make a nice hole for ourselves
    We love, love, and really love to make a nice place for ourselves next to you on the couch. A wonderfully warm hole under the covers. So be prepared that if you go netflixing you will have a place for me
  8. I am very popular
    Count on dates when we go for a walk and you get a lot of claims. People love dachshunds and like to chat with you. Unfortunately it still happens that people think that I am a puppy (I am 3!).

Although we have our specifics, you will certainly love us. I understand that too. We are just great fun!

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